Where to buy hemp fabric in Australia and online

Hemp fabric Australia

What’s old is new again and hemp fabric, in particular, is so very ‘now’.

So, if you’re curious to know what all the fuss is about, read on to find out where to buy hemp fabric in Australia and online and what to sew with it.

Where to buy Hemp fabric in Australia

You’ll find that 100% hemp fabric is fairly rare. It’s usually blended with other fibres, typically organic cotton.

Here’s my pick of the sourcing options below.

Ink & Spindle


Ink and spindle fabric rolls

Ink & Spindle is my absolute favourite Australian Textile Design studio. When I ran Duckcloth as a fabric store we sold loads of their gorgeous designs.

They have a strong environmental ethos and design prints that focus exclusively on the Australian landscape. They really are superstars in the home textiles industry, both locally and internationally.

Ink & Spindle has been printing on a variety of hemp base cloths long before hemp was a ‘thing’.

You can order any of their original designs in your choice of base cloth and ink colours. This custom textiles service is offered via a very clever, yet simple, visualisation and ordering tool on their web site.

Ink and spindle custom printing

Hemp Gallery


Whether you’re looking to make t-shirts, reupholster a couch or anything in between, Hemp Gallery has a fabric for you. They probably have the best overall range of solid coloured hemp fabric in Australia.

Here are some of my favourites below.

Hemp gallery fabric

Top row, left to right

  • Amalfi Fleece – a super-soft fleece for sweatshirts and lounge pants
  • Breton – classic striped, stretchy hemp and organic cotton knit, great for t-shirts
  • Amalfi Knit – medium weight hemp and organic cotton knit, suitable for all sorts of clothing

Bottom row, left to right

  • Miami – Hemp and organic cotton blend, 305gsm, suitable for light home decorating such as curtains
  • Seychelles – 100% Hemp Summer Cloth, 236gsm, suitable for clothing and very light home decorating
  • Newport – Hemp and organic cotton blend, 441gsm, suitable for upholstery

Browse the full range at Hemp Gallery here.

Margaret River Hemp Co


If you’re looking for natural, unprinted hemp fabric, then Margaret River Hemp Co has a really solid range.

Here are some typical examples that they sell by the metre.

Margaret River Hemp Co

Left to right:

  • 100% Hemp Fabric – light weight, suitable for clothing and aprons.
  • 100% Hemp Summer Cloth – medium weight, suitable for tablecloths, cushions, curtains and other soft furnishings.
  • Hemp and Organic Cotton Jersey Knit – great for tees and sweatshirts and suitable for natural dying
  • Hemp and Organic Cotton Sheeting – this one is 250cm wide. Fabric this wide is really hard to find, and suitable for, you guessed it, sheeting.

You can browse Margaret River Hemp Co’s full range here.

Bamboo Fabric Store


As their name suggests, the Bamboo Fabric Store specialise in bamboo, but they also stock a small range of hemp fabrics.

Hemp linen

The hemp range is 170gsm which is a great multi-purpose light to medium weight fabric. Don’t be misguided by the name – Hemp Linen. The linen refers to the style of weave not the fibre composition. These are 100% hemp fibre.

View the full range of Bamboo Fabric Store’s hemp fabric here.

Drapers Fabrics


Drapers Fabrics has a bricks and mortar store in Melbourne and an online offering. They do a small but well curated selection of hemp fabrics.

My picks are the selection below – hemp chambray in black or blue and their hemp and organic cotton blend in the khaki stripe.

Drapers Fabrics

View the full range at Drapers Fabrics here.

The Fabric Store


Known world-wide for their gorgeous merino knit and linen ranges, The Fabric Store now stocks an equally gorgeous range of organic hemp fabrics.

The range is 170gsm in weight, and has a light bouncy handle. It’s only a small range at the moment but my bet is that they will expand the colour palette as they have their other collections.

organic hemp fabric

The colours above are:

  • Top row: Buckwheat, Pink Salt
  • Second row: Rye, Kale

View the full range on their web site here.

The Drapery


The Drapery is located in Adelaide and has a slightly different hemp fabric offering with more focus on knit fabrics. They also have a lovely online store.

Don’t confuse The Drapery with Drapers Fabrics, they are different stores.

My picks are the hemp and organic cotton jersey and ribbing. It’s slighty more rustic that cotton jersey which gives it a beautiful linen-like appearance.

Hemp knit fabric The Drapery

View the hemp and organic woven range here.
View the hemp and organic knit range here.

Where to buy hemp fabric online

Hemp fabric online Bastine

Still can’t find what you want in Australia?

Then try buying online from these hemp fabric sources:

  • Bastine – These guys specialise in hemp and hemp blend fabrics and their ranges are luscious! This is the first place I’d look internationally for both woven and knit options. They sell both retail (minimum order is one yard) and wholesale quantities.
  • Hemp Fabric Lab also has a nice natural range that you can buy by the yard, including some drapey options that include lyocell. Very nice!

Hemp fabric suppliers on Etsy

Etsy is a great source for many types of fabric and hemp is no exception. Here are some of my favourite suppliers:

Earth Indigo Fabric

Earth Indigo Fabric is a Canadian Etsy store selling all sorts of beautiful eco friendly textiles.

They stock a small but beautiful range of woven and knit hemp fabrics in a rainbow of colours. You can buy the range below by the half yard.

Earth Indigo Hemp Fabric
Hemp fabrics at Earth Indigo’s Etsy store
  • Top row: Light weight hemp organic cotton stripe, Light weight hemp organic cotton solid
  • Bottom row: Hemp organic cotton spandex jersey knit, Hemp organic cotton twill

Click here to view the full range of hemp fabrics at Earth Indigo.

Kube Earth

Kube Earth specialises in 100% hemp fabric and stocks several lovely options. Here’s my pick below:

Hemp fabric by the yard Kube Earth
Earthy hemp textiles at Kube Earth
  • Top row: 100% hemp natural herringbone fabric, 100% hemp fabric chambray
  • Bottom row: 100% hemp twill, 100% hemp fabric light & medium weight

View the full range at Kube Earth’s Etsy store.

What to sew with hemp fabric

Anything you can sew with linen is usually suitable to sew with hemp. In fact, many people mistake hemp for linen. I used to sell a fabric that was 90% hemp and 10% yak hair which was amazing and looked exactly like a beautiful quality linen.

Naturally, you’ll need to consider the composition, weight and drape of the fabric to make sure it’s suitable for your project, as you would with any other fabric.

Sewing with hemp for home decorating

Sewing with natural fabric

Because of its rustic appearance which is very on-trend in interiors at the moment, hemp is great for home decorating projects. You can make beautiful curtains, cushion covers, sheets, slip covers and even upholster chairs out of hemp fabric.

It is generally more hard wearing than linen when you compare a similar weight and weave. Hemp also softens and ‘wears-in’ over time.

It is still a natural fabric though and isn’t quite as hard wearing as synthetic equivalents. However, it has a natural beauty and integrity that you just can’t get from any man-made fibre.

Sewing clothing with hemp

What to sew

Increasingly hemp is woven into lighter weight fabrics which makes it suitable for clothing.

It’s often blended with cotton, viscose (wood pulp) and even silk. The properties of each individual blend will determine the type of clothing you can sew. The silk and viscose lends drape and the cotton will make it softer and often a bit lighter.

One exciting development is the use of hemp in knit fabrics. It lends a knobbly texture to the knit, giving it a beautiful earthy, organic look and feel. Again, very on-trend at the moment.

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