Laminated tablecloths: 9 stylish options for 2024

laminated tablecloth

In this article, you’ll find a selection of the most stylish laminated tablecloths for square, rectangular, round and oval tables. I also share some great contemporary laminated fabric tablecloths for kids.

The best square and rectangular laminated tablecloths

Natural laminated linen tablecloths

These laminated tablecloths below have all the style of a classic linen tablecloth with the added bonus of simply wiping them clean. No washing or ironing required!

Natural laminated tablecloth Made in Sun
Natural laminated tablecloth 2 Made in Sun

Made in Sun

Made in Sun are one of my favourite suppliers of laminated fabric. The options above are just a couple of contemporary laminated tablecloths they sell via their Etsy store. Click here to see their full range.


Amazon has a basic and affordable range of natural linen or linen blend laminated tablecloths like this one below.

Click here to see the Linen-look laminated tablecloth – comes in a range of contemporary colours and various sizes.

Modern floral laminated tablecloths

If a contemporary floral design is more your style, then here are a few of my favourites below.

Floral laminated tablecloth Made in Sun
Above: Laminated cotton linen floral tablecloth – Made in Sun
Land of Oh Laminated tablecloth
Above: Laminated floral tablecloth by the metre – Land of Oh

French laminated tablecloths

If French Provincial is your decorating style, then there are some beautiful tablecloths available. It’s a little more difficult to find elegant and sophisticated French laminated tablecloths. They tend to be at the more expensive end of the scale, but are so worth it.

AMELIE Rectangular laminated Tablecloth Provence Decor
French laminated round tablecloth Provence Decor
Zen Garden French country laminated Tablecloth

Above are a few designs that I love from Provence Decor. Click here to see their full range of laminated tablecloths.

The most practical kids tablecloth

A laminated cotton tablecloth is the most practical tablecloth for kids.

They are particularly great at covering craft tables, and work especially well when there is playdough, dirt or slime involved! You simply wipe them clean. Or for drastic mess, you could even hose them off. Texta and crayon may be more difficult to get off though, depending on the type and amount.

The simplest option for kids’ tablecloths is to buy a length of laminated cotton fabric. You’ll have a lot more variety in the print style and design and it’s also likely to be cheaper than buying readymade. The only consideration when you’re choosing the fabric is that you want the laminated layer to be on the top, not the underside of the fabric (this type is used for nappies/diapers).

Here’s a few of my favourite suppliers of kids’ laminated fabric. These stores all ship internationally.

Mint Door Fabric Studio

Best for: Whimsical childrens’ prints

Kids tablecloth alphabet

Made in Sun

Best for: Sophisticated, minimal prints

Boh Craft Fabric

Best for: Sweet childrens’ prints

What is a laminated tablecloth?

A laminated tablecloth is made from a layer of fabric (usually cotton) coated with polyurethane. The benefit of a laminated tablecloth is that it’s waterproof, it generally won’t stain and you simply wipe away spills. An added bonus is that it looks like a regular tablecloth, not like a cheap plastic one.

They are a really practical option for large gatherings, outdoor dining or everyday dining especially with young children. They used to be available in old fashioned florals and boring stripes, but there are some really contemporary options available now. See the rest of this article for examples.

Can I make a laminated tablecloth?

You can make a laminated tablecloth very easily by buy buying a length of PUL or polyurethane laminated cotton. The brilliant thing about this type of fabric is you don’t need to hem it as it doesn’t fray. This means you don’t need any sewing skills!

For more on laminated cotton fabric including the best places to buy it, see our Ultimate guide to PUL fabric here.

Buying a length of fabric for your tablecloth will generally suit a rectangular or square table. If you have a round table, it can be difficult to cut a circle neatly so you’re probably best to buy a readymade tablecloth.

One thing to take note of when buying laminated cotton is the width of the fabric. Most rolls are 150cm (60 inches) wide. Naturally, you’ll want to make sure this is wide enough for your table. You can generally order the fabric in half metre (or yard) increments so you can order to fit the length of your table.

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