Where to buy waxed canvas fabric in Australia: My top 5 suppliers

Waxed canvas fabric Australia

If you’re a bag-making enthusiast, DIY aficionado, or a designer seeking the perfect material for your next project, waxed canvas is probably on your radar. Renowned for its durability, water resistance, and rugged aesthetic, waxed canvas is becoming increasingly popular.

It’s not always easy to source by the metre though.

So, whether you’re planning to make a sturdy tote bag, a weatherproof jacket, or a stylish backpack (like Noodlehead’s fabulous example below), read on for my round-up of the top five waxed canvas suppliers. I’ve included four Australian stores and one international one (with affordable shipping).

Sunkiss waxed canvas bright colours

1. Sunkiss Melbourne


SunKiss Melbourne is hands down the best supplier of waxed canvas that I’m aware of in Australia. They have a particularly gorgeous rainbow of colours, ranging from earthy tones through to stronger, striking shades.

Having purchased some bag hardware from them recently, I can personally attest to the quality of their products and speedy shipping.

Weight: 300-400 gsm/roughly 8-12 oz
Price: $21.95/half metre
Width: 146 cm

2. Dreamy Bag Hardware


Dreamy Bag Hardware stocks a small range of waxed canvas including both strong and neutral solid colours.

Weight: 400 gsm/roughly 12 oz
Price: $15.95/half metre
Width: 145 cm

3. Porcupine Crafts


Porcupine Crafts in an Australian online fabric store offering a range of Japanese cotton canvas, hand-waxed using Australian beeswax.

Medium Weight: 340 gsm/roughly 10 oz
Heavy Weight: 450 gsm/roughly 13 oz
Price: $9-11/quarter metre
Width: 112-150 cm

Little Sewing Co waxed canvas fabric

4. Little Sewing Co


The Little Sewing Co is another Australian online fabric store stocking a small range of mostly clear, simple coloured waxed canvas.

Weight: 350 gsm/roughly 10 oz
Price: $19.50/half metre
Width: 146 cm

5. Denisei Fabric


Denise Fabric on Etsy offers a huge range of colours in waxed canvas, from muted neutrals through to bold, vibrant hues. They also offer the heaviest weight waxed canvas I’ve seen at 540 gsm.

With over 260 five star reviews, their customer service is impeccable and although they ship from China, the shipping is reasonably priced.

Medium Weight: 300 gsm/8 oz
Heavy Weight: 540 gsm/16 oz
Price: $22-26/half yard
Width: 145 cm

If you’re interested in other types of canvas, see our guide to finding the best canvas fabric in Australia.

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